Postponed, but all is not lost.

Nicole, our FSW (Fabulous Social Worker) is “Sick as dog,” so she had to cancel our meeting for tomorrow. BUT…. She said she’d be back in the office on Wednesday, and just mail us all of our paperwork to get started on instead. She said the meeting was to touch base, to check in, so no worries in missing it. I told her we were open to any situation really, as we were last time, and she said that made things easier.

So there ya have it.

So instead, we’ll keep Malka home from daycare tomorrow and go to Borough Park, Brooklyn and look at all of the Sukkahs that are up, and see if we can go bench lulav somewhere there.

And maybe next year, I’ll get the beitzim and ask our co-op board if we can build a Sukkah in our back yard…

3 thoughts on “Postponed, but all is not lost.

  1. hello there! how are you? i’m well. it’s friday, whoo hoo!

    i enjoy reading your blog. i heart NY. i spent alot of time in williamsburg this summer. loved it!!!

    here is what i’m doing…
    at the risk of sounding spam-ish (and i promise, it’s NOT), here goes nothin’…

    I work for Matchstick, a leading North American word of mouth marketing agency looking for social and influential moms in NYC to answer a few questions about parenting and automotive trends. I think you might be a good fit for an upcoming program we are running for the launch of a new Dodge vehicle. Please e-mail back at or call me at 1-800-530-8092 x211 for more information. Feel free to check out what we do at here at Matchstick –

  2. I never knew the term for that prayer, which hoards of young men try to get all of (Jewish) Park Slope to participate in on street corners for the last two days. You can’t make it 50 feet on 7th Avenue without a kid asking, “You Jewish?”

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