A DAMN good reminder that "less is more."

Every night, before bed, I go in and check on Malka, just to, you know, make sure she’s breathing and all ( I now totally get where the boogey man comes from – probably parents lurking in the shadows, checking to make sure their kids are breathing – but I digress!) So I do my usual creep into her room, peek at my sleeping cherub, wait for my eyes to adjust, and look to make sure I see a rising and falling chest. Well, she was SO damn cute, that I opened up her crib tent, and made to cover her up with her blanket.


I woke her up.

I IMMEDIATELY crouch down, my face is in the diaper garbage can, my body hidden by the side of the crib tent. I crouch there for a good 10-15 minutes, waiting for her to go back to sleep. But nope. She’s STILL standing up. And I finally realize why – her damn lovey fell out of the crib. So after my legs are asleep, and she’s clearly not going to settle back easily, I jiggle the door handle, to pretend I’ve just come in, and pick up her lovey, and try to comfort her back to sleep.

Nope. She’s still fussing on the monitor. Saying lovey. eemah. lovely. eemah.

Note to self – keep it simple with the nightly check-in’s, no matter HOW cute she looks!


2 thoughts on “A DAMN good reminder that "less is more."

  1. Are you saying that my Mom is the boogie man???

    But, seriously, this makes sense! Off to make a phone call!

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