***Update w/ NY Times Article***

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About 1.5 blocks from our house, an explosion happened. Malka and I napped through it, but Narda said she heard a “pop” sound, and what I heard were the countless fire engines. Malka and I went out to check out the scene, and she was more interested in the firemen and the fire trucks.
We walked around two of them, and she touched various parts of the truck, with a big grin.

For Narda, I caught this shot of the “law and order” types in suits.

I just pray that everyone’s OK.

***NY Times Article HERE***

4 thoughts on “***Update w/ NY Times Article***

  1. Always an adventure, isn’t it?

    And THANK YOU for the fabulous mikvah list! We’re taking a look, and I’ll let you know what comes of it… Oh, and recipes to follow. *grin* I’ve also started doing the same…
    Love and kisses to the whole mishpocha!!!

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