Date Night!

So my dear dear friend Bobby is currently the Associate Company Manager on a new Broadway show. Tomorrow night is their invited dress rehearsal. And we are so grateful to have been invited! So we are having “tia Raquel,” aka, “She who can get Malka from screaming to calm in UNDER 15 minutes” over to babysit. Which, by the by, is a record for a babysitter. Because the Malka? She’s catching on. She has now figured out that if any of her favorite teachers from daycare come to the house? That Mommy and Eemah are leaving. And the world must come to a horrid, destructive, fiery end.

So we trust Raquel. She’s wonderful with Malka. So fantastic, in fact, that we are going out. On a date. As in to a restaurant. Together. Alone. Squee.

7 thoughts on “Date Night!

  1. wow! a meal that you can eat still hot from the kitchen instead of after you prepare and cut up everybody else’s meal! i am green with envy! hope you have a great time!

  2. I am SOOOO jealous-Sean and I have been trying to get tickets, and well….you know what it’s like…..

    Anywho….have a BLAST on your date and let me know how the show went….


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