Melt me!

So in this morning’s rush to get out the door, Malka is in her stroller, mommy’s putting on her shoes, I’m downing coffee, and going back to the bedroom to take a fast shower, and Malka says: “Byeeeee!” (as she does to anyone who is NEAR the door, or if SHE’S near the door…) so I say back from the hallway: “Bye, Malka, I love you!”

Beat Beat.

“Iyuvyou!” comes back to me from the stroller. For the FIRST time. Narda and I look at each other, and I smother Malka with kisses, and continue to say I love you, and gleefully hear her say it back. Mommy joins in on the fun, and I just melt into a pool of mush right there.

9 thoughts on “Melt me!

  1. How awesome! Natalie signs it, but hearing the words must be amazing. Looking forward to our upcoming playdate. 🙂

  2. That’s so sweeet!! I remember when Helen first said that (and it wasn’t that long ago), we were so surprised because Mitchell just doesn’t say that kind of thing.

  3. Any minute now, she’s going to burst out with “ta-mod!” *grin*
    Not that I need to ask, but anyway, give her an extra smooch for me!

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