Tired, but in a good way…

This weekend, we got to host some beloved friends for some catching up, socializing, and good, old-fashioned hanging out. We also got to see some more friends this am, over brunch, and then we headed out to Brooklyn to see even a few more, and meet a few that we hadn’t met before…

One of the sweeter moments of the weekend was when Malka and I came home today, and Malka said, with a sweet, questioning look as she gazed about the now empty apartment: “Na-ah-yee?” And I had to say, “Sorry, sweetheart, Natalie went home. We’ll see her again soon, however.” And Malka said: “Yeah.”

4 thoughts on “Tired, but in a good way…

  1. It was great! Natalie slept for a VERY long time on the way home (over 4 hours!!!) but spent a lot of the time after that (and there was lots – we hit ugly traffic) asking for “Ma-ka” and Ima! Can’t wait to see you guys again.

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