Tzedakah in Judaism is best done anonymously.

Right now, many of us have a friend who is in need of some tzedakah. She has been spending the past few years of her adult life selflessly and lovingly taking care of her grandmother, while supporting many of us on our journeys towards parenthood. She has been wanting nothing more than to simply join our ranks, but due to her current full time job, she doesn’t really have an income. So she was selected to be an egg donor (because she’s that awesome) in an egg-sharing program. All was going well, we even got to see her yesterday, and she was mid-stims, producing a nice number of eggs to share.

Somehow, during a routine blood-draw, the lab messed up and decided to declare that she was Hepatitis-C Positive. The clinic called, and sadly, had to cancel the cycle for her and the donor. She can continue IVF, but her hopes of donating her eggs to share the financial burden of IVF are smashed to bits. Even though the test was a false positive.

I’ve never done this before, but we love and adore this woman. She has given SO much of herself, and asks for SO little in return. Please please please, go to her blog and click on the donate button, and consider donating a few dollars towards her IVF fund. I can think of NO ONE that deserves this more.

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