When co-sleeping isn’t…

Narda and I have always held onto the fantasy of a lazy Sunday morning, newspapers strewn about the bed, and a peaceful cherub sleeping in betwixt our pillows, cute as all get out.

Fast forward to last night.


I roll over, thinking it’s oh, 5:30 or so, and realize it’s only 1:30. Ugh. I roll over, hoping that she’ll work it out. After a few minutes, it totally escalates, and Narda sees me getting out of bed, and says – “good luck.”

I go into Malka’s room, and she IMMEDIATELY stops crying. She looks up at me and says: “Hi!” With a giggle and a grin. I pick her up, whisper sweet nothings, change her diaper, go to put her back in her crib, and she does the cling to Eemah, crib is made of fire cry. So I do what any normal mother would do at 1:40am. I bring her, her pillow, her paci, her lovey, her Elmo and her blanket to OUR bed, and sadly, escort Cougar out of our bed. (He’d bite Malka if she got too “friendly,” he’s a little old man and doesn’t “do” toddlers.)

Malka, of course, is just THRILLED at this turn of events, and decides that play time? is NOW. Narda and I said “lie down, Malka” about oh, 150 times. Finally, I just roll over and try to sleep. With Malka’s head on my neck. She wakes up about a half hour later, miraculously PERPENDICULAR to both of us – head on my chest, feet kicking Narda. We re-smoosh her into position, and try the sleeping thing again. She keeps sitting up and trying to get Quincy’s attention. (I have to separate Quincy and Cougar at night if Cougar isn’t sleeping between our heads, as Quincy will terrorize him…) “Kincee? “Kincee?” “Kincee!”

At long last, Malka falls asleep, and by now, it’s about 2:45am. Oh my goodness is that kid cute when she sleeps! So we all drift off to peaceful slumber, when all of a sudden – BEEP BEEP BEEP. Damn alarm clock. 5:57am.

Malka bounds up, ready to start her day, as her mommies painfully shuffle about our morning, vowing never to “co-sleep” again…

Until next time, that is. Because did I mention the cute? Yeah, she’s pretty cute when she sleeps. (if she ever gets there).

8 thoughts on “When co-sleeping isn’t…

  1. That’s almost exactly the way it is with us (minus the talking). She sits up, plays with our faces, flips and flops around.

    Although here in the hotel she is getting up early because of the time difference and we have a ginormous King-sized bed. So when I bring her into the bed she is falling back asleep.

  2. Quinn ended up in the bed this morning. She was stuffy and miserable all night and kept coughing her pacifier out and losing it (literally and figuratively). To her, in the bed means having as much of her as possible on top of me. This means I get squished and Megan gets kicked in the head. Oh, but when she does goe to sleep. soooo cute

  3. Same for us, and he snores just like his papa. There is no such thing as co-sleeping in our house. Its him or us.

  4. Hmmm…sounds like N has the same cold as Q. For Natalie, cosleeping means MILK! FREE ACCESS! There is some sleeping, interspersed with “Side? Side?” (in other words, this one’s empty mommy, let me at the other?) Since we’re TTC, the all-night nurse-a-thon is a bit of a no-no. She did sleep in with me on Monday, though, and that was pretty damn sweet.

  5. ugh arden’s been sleeping like crap the last few nights, up every single night. i end up sleeping with her in the guest room. unlike malka though, she’s a PITA to get up in the morning…telling me to go away and throwing her arms over her eyes.


  6. Oh, I so get this post!!!! Dylan has just started to realize what is going on in his diaper (noticing wetness) so he’s been waking in the middle of the night and wanting to be with me so I bring him to bed.

    Problem is – he MUST lay on me 😦 Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the snuggle time. Problem is – I just can’t sleep on my back so it means for a very tired Mama come morning.

  7. We call it star fish action in our house. Arms out, legs out.

    I love that my big boy has decided to sleep in the room with the baby, BUT I do think he rolls over at 3:00 sees Gaye has taken the baby in for his feed and so wanders in to join us…

    We end up with 4 in our bed (king size bought for this purpose) two star fish and two sardines (that would be the grown women in the bed).

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