I can do this!

So lately, I’ve been coveting some of the mad quilting skills of some quilting bloggers and flickr quilters. One of them has decided to do a relatively easy “Quilt -a-long.” I’m SO IN! I just organized all of my fabric, and I have a bunch, so I’m sure Narda would be thrilled to see some of it dwindle…

AND…. I have a genuine, bonafide crafting playdate with Stephanie this Sunday, so I’ll be able to get LOTS of my pieces cut.

So come along and join in, won’t you?

5 thoughts on “I can do this!

  1. Hydrangeas sure are pretty. You don’t have an email on your profile, but you commented on crazymom about 1/4″- I’ve been doing it wrong for years, too! My mom showed me how to figure it out, though.

    Cut two strips, each one an inch and a quarter (make sure you cut accurately…) Sew with your usual 1/4. Press as usual for quilting, and measure. If your “block” isn’t exactly 2″, adjust your sewing (or work on your cutting, which was *actually* my problem, we learned).

    Hope that helps!

  2. hi shelli,

    I started a flickr group for the quilt a long already. the link is at the bottom of today’s post. I think I added it after I published the post the first time. sorry about any confusion.

  3. Okay, I have to ask…even though I think I know the answer. 🙂
    Do you guys celebrate Christmas? I am asking because I had something IN HAND for you the other day that screamed your name, but it was so “Christmasy”. After showing everyone at work how wonderful I thought it was, it hit me that you probably don’t celebrate Christmas, so I put it back. Now I’m kicking myself thinking you just might celebrate everything. 🙂 And I shoulda kept it for you.

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