Because it would SO not be appropriate now…

But um, yeah – we all grew up on this, and it was FAB!

Just don’t show it to your kids, because they’ll either get freaked out, or laugh. But not in a good way.

11 thoughts on “Because it would SO not be appropriate now…

  1. I love how the first guy actually licks it and the others you can tell are like “no way!”

    Is that Zoom or the Electric Company?

  2. Oh my. I remember this, but … never noticed it was … um … Wow.

    Was the world ever that innocent, or were we (and, presumably, our parents) just unaware?

  3. What JF said. Whoa.

    I lurved me some Electric Company back in the day, though. Thanks for the trippy trip down Memory Lane!

  4. All that was going thru my head when Billy was licking the lolly was how desperate this guy must have been to take that acting gig!

  5. Kimmyann, we talk about that all the time when we watch children’s television with Noah.

    It’s either, “I played the kid who couldn’t dance!” or “I went to Juilliard for this???” For variety, we occasionally throw in an, “It *is* national television!” And now we can add in, “It’s been immortalized on YouTube!”

    Ugh I am hating the new Blogger no-other-blogs-bs.

    Liza of

  6. I’m thinking the same thing that Hope said… and I’venever seen that before. I’m 31 – was this before my time or was I just not watching the same things as everyone else? Wow – It’s really funny! I’ve got to check out the other clips now. Thanks for sharing! Em

  7. SOMETIMES i think it’s a blessing i grew up without a TV (the first TV in my house appeared in 1984, just in time to watch the first women’s olympic marathon…a pivotal moment in my life…)

    Too too bad i missed all the lolly-lickin’…even if we had TV i’m sure my prudish parents would NOT have allowed that!! heh heh…thanks for sharin’~

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