When you mess with the bedtime…

It messes with you.

’nuff said.

Chanukah party #2 of the day put Malka’s bedtime back by about 2 hours. She went RIGHT to sleep, but now? Over the monitor? Eemah. Mommy. Eemah. Sowwy Eemah. Mommy. Whine. Mommy Sowwy Eemah.


It will wind down, but man. She was having SUCH a grand time. Because you know, the uncle Bobby was there. AKA, he who gives Eemah and Mommy heart attacks, because of the tossing and throwing. Of the Malka. In the air. But those two have a special bond, so what’s an Eemah to do? Eh, the whine has already subsided.

Fingers crossed for a continued smooth night.

Pictures to come.

Chag Chanukah Sameach. (I only gained .2 pounds in two weeks! Not bad for the ‘season of the Latke and Jelly Doughnut.)

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