Want to play?

So I get a surprise package in the mail from my step-niece, not sure what it is. It turns out to be a “Flat Stanley-esque” type project. It’s a travel journal that is supposed to travel the globe.

You write a page, stating all about your city, and also sending a postcard to the class.

Would you be interested in playing along? The further away from Oregon, the better!

Since this is for my niece, you don’t have to solicit folks – I can create a list of names and addresses, and send it along. OR… since it was a surprise to me, perhaps you can surprise someone too.

Just post in the comments if you want to play along.


14 thoughts on “Want to play?

  1. If it’s coming from the biggest city in OR (but not the capitol) and you’d like the OTHER city with the same name represented, send it my way, you have my address:)

  2. Hello, I’m Dani, one of Narda’s students.

    My freshman year at Purchase, my little sister sent me a Flat Stanley project. And for a few days we took him everywhere with us, and photographed him. Someone was going to Holland at the time, and he went with her. And then he went home with someone for Passover.

    Anyway, my point in this is 1. To introduce myself, and 2. To say, we’d be happy to host him here in the Bronx by the zoo.


  3. california (bay area) checking in…let me know if you want to send it this way. perhaps it can visit the bay bridge. 😉

    e-me if you want. wen (dot) qbabe (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Well I guess I’ll delurk as I’m a sucker for these things, too. I can probably find some interesting tidbits about CT besides Yale. 😉

    You can get me at lnichols2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  5. If it hasn’t been sent along, I live in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, and I’d love to help out a little girl. I could even try to find a few other people here in Mexico who might be interested in helping… my email is erika_gomez(at)y*hoo(dot)com

    hope to hear from you!

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