On Faith…

I’ve written before about how I have an internal negative reaction when people wish me a “Merry Christmas,” and I instinctively respond with “Happy Chanukah.”

The Rabbi on Saturday was talking about how we react to such things. Especially since this past week’s Parsha (Torah Portion) talks about the blessings given to Jacob’s children. When people wish us a Merry Christmas, or a happy holiday, they are giving us a blessing. HOW we receive that blessing tells us much. I shared about my inner snark, if you will, and how I’m working on overcoming that. I truly am. I have even found myself NOT internally grimacing when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas. I simply say Thank you, or “Happy Holidays to you!” Maybe I have more important things going on in my life right now, or maybe I am truly getting a bit older, and perhaps a bit wiser, or maybe it’s the lexapro, who knows. but it feels good not to get my knickers in a twist over someone wishing me nothing but joy.

And in true Jewish fashion, where an entire culture typically dines on Chinese food and rents a movie, Narda, Malka and I will be going out for an early dinner, and then strolling down 5th avenue to look at all of the window displays. Because we are also New Yorkers, and it’s quite a Shanda if we don’t pay homage to the glorious displays of the department stores lining 5th Ave.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful visit with birth mama V, at “our Starbucks,” as we now like to call it – they have a HUGE upstairs, that is perfect for Malka to run around in, and they don’t bother you much. In fact, one guy was asleep in the corner, the entire time we were there. “V” has also given me permission to make her pictures Friends and family on Flickr, so if you are friended on flickr, you can see pictures of her as soon as I unprivate them.

Narda gave me a wonderful gift this am – she kept Malka entertained ALL morning, and I organized the bookcase in the living room, clearing a shelf to store all of my sewing supplies.

it’s been a great day so far, and it’s SO nice to have this family time together. Sure we miss not being in Portland with my family, but it’s nice to create family time for ourselves, too.

So Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, and enjoy each moment as they come, for each moment is a gift, and meant to be enjoyed.

4 thoughts on “On Faith…

  1. Someone once told me that someone else said that during the holidays or customs of other cultures/religions, that you should look at it like a birthday party – it may not be your birthday but you can certainly enjoy the celebration.

    I like that thought.

  2. great post.
    SO glad that things are so wonderful with V- I get weepy thinking about the circle of love that is a constant around M.

    OH- do you have any friends with on demand? Or do you? There is a great L word teaser on it that details some things that will happen this season.

  3. Excellent post.
    I try not to but I actually get quite frustrated when my employees say Merry Christmas as opposed to Happy Holidays. I make a concerted effort to do so myself. Whether the person be Christian, Jew, Pagan, Muslim or otherwise I want them to feel welcome.
    I just saw your post about miss Malka not feeling so hot. I was Miss Wheezy myself last week and fun it was not.
    PS I got my pay it forward :o) I love it and have just the task for it. Thanks again!

  4. I just found your blog and am enjoying it immensely.
    I am Jewish, DH is not so we celebrate it all. Grew up in Brooklyn and wandered the city streets every holiday time, it was my favorite to oooooh and ahh over the window displays and lights.

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