Off to the ER we go…

Fever – Not too bad. Cough – Not too bad. Wheezing – Not too bad. All three together=off to the ER we go. She’s down to 46 breaths per minute, from 52, and her fever’s down to 103.5 from 103.8, but each time I lay her down to take her temp, the resulting breathing catastrophe has me terribly nervous.

So despite the steam treatments, and motrin/tylenol alternating, and her “puff-puff,” (aka inhalor), she’s still not in the best of shape. But bless her little keppe, she’s almost as chatty and playful as her poor sick body will allow.

Including “Maka do!” to put on her socks and crocks, to get in the car seat….

6 thoughts on “Off to the ER we go…

  1. Ugh. Poor kid. N’s in similar shape, though not quite as bad, and on the upswing after yesterday’s urgent care visit. Hope it’s a quick and helpful trip for you.

  2. I hate trips to the ER for anything, but your combination of symptoms reminded me of our first trip there–J came back with antibiotics for pneumonia. I hope Malka bounces back just as quickly at he did!

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