Squee alert!

OMG! Cali is knocked up, people. As in Pregnant. Squee! Go share the love!

And Second Squee Alert! Jen and Cait are preggers, too! Wow. The good news just keeps coming in.

As for the Cheeky, she’s doing better – thanks for all of the well wishes. We have a steroid prescription to pick up, and her puff-puff to administer, but the fever’s gone, and so is the fear.

So Squees all around!

2 thoughts on “Squee alert!

  1. glad the little one is doing better. one of our monkeys is on the neb treatments and was on steroids for 5 days. surprisingly, no side effects from baby prednisone. yay! by the way, thanks for the groovy keychain in the “first five to respond” post from a long time ago. it’s cool and i really needed a new keychain for my work keys! perfect!

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