New Hampshire…

Hillary takes New Hampshire.


I swear to you, that if a WOMAN becomes the next president of the United States, Change will indeed happen.

Now if we could only convince world conflicts to be solved by jumping on the bed.

Nothing makes me happier than the top two contenders for the presidency being a black man and a woman. Look at how far we’ve come, albeit how far we still have to go, but look at how far we’ve come. Women have only had the right to vote for 87 years. The voting rights act was passed in 1965. Narda’s mother was 30 years old before she was ALLOWED to vote.

Now THAT’s something.

Now Obama? He’s a good speaker, and we like him well enough, but we are giving Hillary our vote. Not only will she give Narda and I a much closer shot at getting married in our lifetime, but she also has proven she’s a hard worker. We have the chance to elect a woman to the highest position of power in the free world. How awesome is that?!

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