27 thoughts on “Well pull up a chair, and grab a cuppa tea!

  1. Hi Shelli – De-lurking to say I enjoy your blog. I’ve been reading it for a couple of years now — found it from FF.
    🙂 Beth

  2. I too am a former FF gal. I’ve commented a couple times, snagged your Darwin blinkie years ago (with permission of course!). I feel a connection to you guys, even though I’m a married female with no religion in Canada!

  3. Also from FF, met you on the TTC with donor sperm board… yes its been that long lol! Delurking as well, enjoy your blog thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi Shelli – Glad you like the magnets 🙂 I don’t have an email address for you, so please drop me a line at erinstoy*77 at yahoo (without the asterisk).

  5. Hello from Melbourne, Australia! I started following your blog after seeing your adoption process on FF and now check in on your blog about once a week.

  6. Hi! Here from back in the FF days/Donor Insem boards. Your DS thawing instructions worked perfectly and we got our last little bubba! (And I’m in Portland too!)

  7. Ugh I missed this AGAIN this year. LOL… you better remind me when it’s coming up next year 😉
    Delurking sorta, even though you know I’m here!

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