It doesn’t help that I get my best work done when they are asleep…

But I feel, as I’ve gotten older (ugh…) that it’s been getting harder and harder for me to go to bed at a decent hour. Lately? it’s been no earlier than 1am.

But after Malka goes to bed around 8, I like to chill out with Narda for a bit before getting to my chores. The problem is when the chill time stretches a bit longer and longer, so I usually don’t get to the chores until 11pm or so. Now until then, I’m either surfing the web, or sewing, or just watching TV. And I like that time to “unwind” from the day. It’s nice when I jump right into the chores after the cheeky goes to bed, and then I have the rest of the evening to “play,” but I really should be getting my sorry ass to bed earlier, because although I don’t mind staying up late every so often, my old theatre days are far behind me, and the cheeky? She still gets up around 6:30 or so, and I’m starting to drink a bit more coffee, when I had weaned myself down to about 2 cups per day…

I remember when my bubbe z”l was alive, and I’d be amazed that she’d stay awake until midnight or later, and then get up at 5am. I think I just need a “day off,” where I go spend the night at Bobby’s, and have NO alarm, cheeky or otherwise, just so I can figure out if this is turning into insomnia, if it’s just a phase my body is going through, or what.

4 thoughts on “It doesn’t help that I get my best work done when they are asleep…

  1. HAHAHA… on the nights that I give myself “permission” to stay up til 1am I go to bed saying “maybe tonight will be the night that he sleeps til 8.30 & then staying up late won’t matter”. Of course it is the night he wakes at 7am & I am beat for the day.

    I can’t imagine what a whole night off would be like…

  2. This sounds a lot like my life these days, Shelli. Thursday nights are the worst because I always have things to do and I’m already tired, but I stay up “unwinding” until I’m SO tired when I have to get my work done. A “day off” is a great idea!

  3. cracking up over this as it is midnight at my house & I am WIDE awake. In fact both Mother & I are up and on our computers…but I promise you that neither of us will be up at 5am.

    LOVE the new purple majesty look over here.

    Off to read your version of Flick Cons the Bads…

  4. My version of “cheeky” is my kitty Emmy. Every morning between 4:30 and 5:30 he shoves his paws in my face until I get up. Silly fool that he is, he doesn’t realize it’s only long enough to shut him out of the bedroom.
    How’s Miss Malka handling the benefiber? I remember us having to give my cousin somthing similar when she was about eight and she was SO not impressed. Hope Little miss thing is fairing better.

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