Kitteh lurve… ***Update!***

OK, I’ll admit it, sometimes I prowl the cheezburgerz.

What, you say you don’t know what iz da cheezburgerz?

Basically, funny cat pictures with purposeful bad spelling. It’s cute. Really. Unless you’re um, you know, a boring, evil animal hater, and then it’s just stupid.

SO I made a cheezburger of my Cougie-bear.

It’s cute.

Click and vote for him, mmmmkay?


Cougie made it to the voting pages, albeit with a different caption, which is funnier, truth be told!

Go click HERE and vote for “Da Cougs!” (currently on voting page 10!)

7 thoughts on “Kitteh lurve… ***Update!***

  1. so cute!
    I live for that site. Seriously it has turned bad days around for me it is so good.

    Voted for you & flicked as well.

  2. We are huge lolcats fans around these parts. I’ve lolcats’ed a couple of our pictures, but haven’t gotten one I like enough to submit. Soon…

  3. I am a huge LOLcat fan. Well done! Also, I tagged you for a meme on my blog ( xo

  4. I went but couldn’t find Cougie. However, I did spend far too long laughing at other ones and calling Jen over to see…

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