OMG – I SO get it now…

I’d never seen her show before. And um, Narda’s at Lion King tonight, so it’s ALL the Food Network that I want (she can’t stand the food network, WHATEVER, I can’t stand Law and Order, but I still watch it with her… achem.)

Any way.

Um. Two words.

Nigella Lawson.

WOW. She just made a triple chocolate brownie, and between the camera angels of the chocolate, and her seductive explanations of her cooking techniques – I think I just had an orgasm. Woah.

By the by – thank you all SO much for the love and support. I really was just looking to have a place to vent, but external validation is so extremely helpful, and I’m eternally grateful to have you all behind me, so to speak.

And as an extra thank you? Please enjoy this scrumptious picture of Malka, helping Narda practice for her Bat Mitzvah…

7 thoughts on “OMG – I SO get it now…

  1. I LOVE Nigella – can’t remember a damn thing she’s made; I just like listening to her delicious accent. British accents make everything better.

  2. She does cook some seriously good food but has some whacked ideas about not including her kids in her will!

    Malka is too cute by the way!

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