re-setting the clocks…

But not in the “Daylight savings, or standard” time that we all know.

More like – imagine YOU, sleeping through the night. And then imagine you get up to go to the bathroom, or you startle awake from a dream, or you know, your toddler starts chatting, and it comes over the monitor like a football coach rallying the team. And it’s 5am. And your alarm clock is due to go off in an hour.

And your internal clock has been reset, from the waking, and your body thinks you need 3 more hours sleep, because your body sleeps in 3 hour cycles. And your alarm goes off. And you don’t hear it.

And your toddler re-settles herself, and then decides to give you the blow-by-blow chipper description of all of her friends and stuffed animals. And you bolt up, and it’s almost 8 o clock.

I’m just saying…

3 thoughts on “re-setting the clocks…

  1. Maybe it was the full moon because Evelyn did something similar last night. I think there’s a secret 2 year old network where kids send telepathic messages to each other about how to torture their parents.

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