per request…

Still plugging away at Amanda Jean‘s quilt along, and Juno decided to help pick out the order of squares. Currently, I’m pinning sashing.

It’ll have 3.5 or 4 inch WHITE sashing – an old tablecloth that has a lot of lovely family memories, but is too stained to use in full – so sashing is a PERFECT way to incorporate it! And I’ll do white set in blocks, as the quilt itself is just bold enough. Not sure what I’ll use as the border blocks, however, maybe something larger? Any ideas? Amanda jean suggests making 4-patches out of the fabric used for the quilt… Maybe if I do a separating white border….

2 thoughts on “per request…

  1. the squares look great! maybe someday i will be ready to make a quilt…now that i know how to thread my sewing machine! lol!

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