"Maka-speak" and a question

Before I forget them, I want to jot a few fave’s down…

nI-ma-min = Vitamin
kincEE = Quincy
Maka= Malka
nah-ah-yEE =Natalie
rear-rie = Leary
inowandis = I don’t want this
noo-noos = noodles/pasta
auto-boose = auto bus
eh-pane = airplane
NO! = um, yeah. That one’s pretty clear…

Oddly, her Hebrew pronunciation is pretty spot on, however. Heh.

And now, a question…

So Malka, being of the amazon variety, is barely fitting in her size 6 Seventh Generation dipes, and almost totally busting out of her her size 5 huggies overnights. I REFUSE to get the damn princess pull up crap, because there will be NO PRINCESSES in our house until she demands a princess or threatens to move out. Then we’ll have to give in.

But seriously? What the heck can my kid who is SO NOT INTERESTED in potty training sleep in that will hold massive amounts of pish-pish that ISN’T COVERED IN PRINCESS CRAP?

12 thoughts on “"Maka-speak" and a question

  1. Try generic Target dipes. They have frogs and stuff on them.

    These are my current Phine favorites:

    Wareyou Mama? = Where are you Mama?
    Jo-phine = Josephine
    Yogo = Yogurt
    Froop = Fruit

    The last 2 we have started saying too. 🙂

  2. I see my future in your giant baby. Only my issue will be with transportation themes. Why do boys equal airplanes and trucks? I know. Princesses are far worse. Agreed. But I hate that there are boy themes, too.

    I was just about to post asking for a similar nighttime diaper recommendation. 7th Gen, G-d love ’em, result in tremendous blowouts for us. We need absorbent chemicals in the diapers for our cruise.

  3. Cloth. Diapers. If you’re just using them overnight, washing is no problem at all. No princesses necessary, economical (good resale value!), and green! Plus NOW IS THE TIME! Narda’s gone for six weeks! Heh! 😉

  4. pampers makes a size 7. just passing along info. not environmentally conscience, i know. i’m just saying. 😉

  5. Are you more comfortable with the cars and trucks of “boy” diaps? They do focus the super-absorbant chemicals in a different location in the diaper, but combined with a diaper doubler would probably work.

  6. Also? G-diapers. a) Cute! b) FLUSHABLE!! c) Cute! d) you can *compost* the wet ones. 5) OMG, cute.

    You can also use cloth with the covers; best of both worlds!

  7. Get the airplane & truck diapers instead! When I was a kid, I LOVED anything with wheels.

    Also – sit her on the potty & read, they way you do, and give her an M’n’M or something when the right thing goes down, so to speak. Worked for my brother, who was also a big kid, but later stretched out into a string bean who didn’t need diapers. *grin*

    Meantime, BIG KISSES from me! I miss you guys a LOT.

  8. We use the plastic covered training pants at night. They ain’t cheap, but they are reusable and work best if you don’t use fabric softner on ’em when you wash ’em and if you hang them to dry. Also…rise ’em in the morning if you don’t plan on washing them right away. The M-man goes all night dry, but never wants to hit the potty first thing in the morning, so sometimes he has a giant pee at the breakfast table. Also, the generic ones at Buy Buy Baby work best for us. A better elastic fit to keep ’em sealed.

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