Because it’s families like mine…

that ruin the institute of marriage.



more hmmmmm.

Oh wait, and let’s not forget our dear friend, Aahnold

You know? It’s REALLY easy to find articles about Politico MEN who sleep around and violate the “institution” of Marriage. But stories like the above mentioned that appear within OUR families? RARE, if at all.

I’m just sayin…

7 thoughts on “Because it’s families like mine…

  1. I am SO MAD at Spitzer. Aside from being a skirt-chasing hypocrite, I had high hopes for him in terms of the politics of the state, and specifically in terms of gay marriage. That he couldn’t conduct himself with some modicum of decorum is both disturbing and disappointing.

    Ironically, this is how we get our first African-American governor.

  2. It begs the question why we still live in a society that believes who we screw effects how we govern.

    On the other hand his hypocrisy is unforgivable. To make laws against prostitution and then engage in it… unfair. For this he should feel shame. Not for the fact that he went to a hooker, for the fact that he prosecuted them.

    Who we make love to should have nothing to do with politics. It never should have. Spitzer just made it an issue once again and in the most disappointing way possible.

  3. Personally, if it was just someone he was screwing, ala bill, while it’s offensive and hard on his family, that wouldn’t bother me. but paying someone and crossing state lines, he’s breaking the law, and that bothers me.

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