looking for my mojo…

My “to do list” is HUGE – and I’m either being lazy, or just un-motivated, or overwhelmed, or WTF? I don’t know. But here’s my list:

-finish all of my fun, fantastic sewing projects (see earlier posts for the WIP)
-clean my house
-fold Malka’s laundry
-stick to my WW plan
-paint and mount the “Torah shelf” I made for Narda for her birthday
-clean out Malka’s closet, move all of my crap out of it
-general de-cluttering, find something for the U.T.E.R.U.S. “garage sale”
-make the photo albums for the adoption of child #2
-copy Narda’s and my birth certificates, send to adoption agency
-take Malka’s artwork, cut up to mount onto nicely folded pieces of paper, turning them into GORGEOUS thank you cards
-finish a bazillion craft/knitting/sewing projects
-finish Malka’s scrap book (um, I did 3 pages about a year ago)
-get hair cut

And this doesn’t even begin the “at work” to do list, of things that are “OK to wait a while, but SO need to get done” – like all of my check lists for the Major Chagim (holidays), but my window of time to get them done is narrowing.

My WW leader once said, when I asked her what the deal was – she (bless her heart) said – follow the Nike Ad – Just do it. It’s SUCH a simple concept. To just STOP being in my own way. If only I could just put my fears/baggage/laziness/whatever on a shelf, and just get shit done, I’d be much happier.

Like this am, I loaded the dishwasher while Malka ate her yogurt, and then she helped me scoop the litter boxes and take out the trash. It’s such a small thing, but I feel like superwoman for accomplishing it. I shouldn’t, though, you know?

4 thoughts on “looking for my mojo…

  1. If you find yours, will you see if mine is there with it? The longer my to-do list grows, the less I want to do.

  2. Oh Shelli, I hear you on this one. I always have way too much to do on my to-do list and feel so inadequate for not doing it. These days I try not to load the list too much because I know realistically that if I’m going to spend some time with my family, do my work job, do even my minimal home tasks, and relax a little, that there won’t be much time left. You’re still flying solo, right? Seriously, I can’t believe all the things you write about on this blog that you manage to do, so even if you feel lazy sometimes, you are not!

  3. No, you SHOULD feel like superwoman for accomplishing it! some days my accomplishments are remembering to have breakfast and taking a multivitamin. and forget it, I have no baby book and no scrapbook and no hardcopy pictures of O. so, bad mama. I miss my dear departed kitty, but I can’t imagine one more being to take care of right now…

  4. Shelli-
    I see that one of your items is to finish the scrapbook. That was on my long list as well for E until I discovered those online photo sites where you can make photo books really easily. No, they don’t have the same homemade feel that a scrapbook has, but I felt like superwoman as I clicked, dragged and captioned my way to making little booklets of memories. And best of all, I got rid of all that guilt I was carrying around for not doing something with all those photos. I take that back–the best part was that I could do it in bed with laptop and not make a big mess! 🙂

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