News, and a linky-loo…

First off, the U.T.E.R.U.S brigade “internet garage sale” is in FULL swing, and it’s all to help fellow infertiles, including our dear pal, Cali.

So go bid on something, would ya?! (I made the orange, by the by, and am sad that there’s NO bids on it! WAAAAAA)

Now onto some OTHER exciting news – Malka got into Renanim!

The MOMENT we walked in, we KNEW it was the right place for her – diverse kids, two certified teachers in each room – one that is American, one that is Israeli – the main teacher in the room that will be Malka’s spent almost an hour talking to us, and showing us how they prepare them for kindergarten! Teaching them letters, numbers, etc. They take field trips, and BEST of all? We got some financial aid! It’s still going to cost us more than we’re paying now, but not the scary amount from other places, and it’s

Malka starts in JUNE! OY! Can you say – tax spending incentive money going towards the education of a Jewish baby with lesbian moms! Wink

The Israeli teacher in Malka’s room is in the last picture on the left hand column, with all of the curly hair.


4 thoughts on “News, and a linky-loo…

  1. that is just ALL kinds of wonderful. Yay for Malka & double Yay for her Mommies.
    The school looks so fun.

    & seriously- I can’t even explain how much I adore all of the IVP love that went into the felt project. My heart just melted when I heard that you guys were auctioning off an entire set. I know that we are so far away and connected by the internet- but that is just some tactile love right there.


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