Stuck in the 80’s

A wee bit ago, I was informed that my 20 year HS reunion would be taking place this summer. Ever since that news, I’ve been doing my own version of the time warp.


I’m streaming the 80’s channel on the aol radio, and scanning pictures from “way back.” I will probably not be able to go, but it’s been fun reminiscing, and reconnecting with the 10-15 people that were kind of friendly to me during those awkward teen years.

So I stumbled across this, and had to share. I hope you enjoy as well.

song chart memes
more graph humor and song chart memes

8 thoughts on “Stuck in the 80’s

  1. As your token Milwaukee (ahem, the real Milwaukee đŸ˜‰ ) native reader, the address on “Dr. Gano’s” scrip cracked me up!

    That’s the location of The Oriental Theater, which was one of the Violent Femmes early big-ish venues. And one of my personal favorite locations in the city.

    Also? Back in the 80s, it was next door to Oriental Drugs, an actual pharmacy.

    And upstairs from a bowling alley, this being Milwaukee. A bowling alley that has one of the best tap beer selections in the entire city.

  2. LOL, babe, my 20 yr COLLEGE reunion is this year. It’s in town, so I’ll try to go…

  3. Oh yeah, and speaking of doing the time warp, the other big 80s claim to fame of The Oriental Theater was that it was home to the Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night.

  4. I love seeing the pictures…Chris’s 20 year is this summer as well and, boy, are her pictures interesting. Perhaps I’ll scan a few in and post them to my blog. The hair was awesome.
    I was a young 80s girl…born in 1977, so I got some of the 80s goodness. But not like the two of you.
    Anyway, I’m enjoying the pictures.

  5. I had my 20th in October. I was stuck ont he 80’s songs for a while too. (Duran Duran, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Go Go’s etc…!)

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