SO much to share, SO tired, and MUCH laundry…

Currently uploading 450+ pictures to flickr.  Yup, no typos here – 450+ pictures.  But here’s a few for you to enjoy…

This is Malka, jamming out, Yoga style.  She took OVER the floor at karaoke, and danced along, often breaking out her downward dog, or her warrior poses.

This is Malka and Ryan, her new BFF.  We really have the ever fantabulous Cali to thank for our introduction.  There are so many amazing women that are a part of the IVP, and Cali wanted to let me know that one pair of these great women were also going on the cruise.  So she e-mailed me, and I checked out their blog, “Raz Blogs,” and left a comment, and we had the “well, 2500 people, but I’ll keep an eye out for ya” kind of thing going on.

There’s a phrase in Hebrew called, “B’Sheret,” or “meant to be.” It’s often said in reference to one’s partner, or soul mate, as in “Narda is my B’Sheret.” It can also refer to a situation, as in the meeting of Ryan and Malka.  No sooner than, oh, 1 hour on the cruise ship, we take Malka to the little kids pool, and this adorable girl is in it.  Her moms sitting on the side.  I get in the pool with the Cheeky, and give a double take to the adorable little girl.  I look at her moms, and ask if the little girl in the pool is Ryan.  Ayup.  Out of 2500 people, we are the ONLY ones in the little kids pool.  B’Sheret.  Malka, aka Cheeky, and Ryan were inseperable ever since.  Each and every time we ran into them, Ryan would scream CHEEKY!  And we would all giggle.  They really, really were adorable together.

We also saw Gus, baby Clay and moms, and we all met at the Dana Banana concerts each morning at 9am.

Did I mention the Dana Banana? He has far surpassed Rafi in popularity in our house.

There’s much more, and I’ve only uploaded about 75% of the pictures so far.  I will share more later on, but I have dishes to do, and I’m tired. And I feel bad for Narda, as laundry is her chore, dishes are mine… (insert maniacal laugh here)

6 thoughts on “SO much to share, SO tired, and MUCH laundry…

  1. ryan just showed her friend syd the video of she and malka singing and when syd said whose that, ryan screeched cheeeekkkkyyyy with such delight. then she turned to me and said, “mama, can cheeky come over to swim in gigi’s pool with me?” a day hasn’t passed where she hasn’t asked about her pal cheeky. i am so thrilled that we met and definitely believe it was meant to be. no doubt that our girls have a connection that is unmatched.

  2. I’m really enjoying all your pictures. Looks like you guys had a great time, that is so great. Too cute about Malka and her new BFF.

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