Top of the Rock. Date Night!

Top of the Rock. Date Night!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

I had a wonderful birthday weekend. Dinner with my lovely ladies at Mars2112 on my actual birthday (Sunday), and on Monday night, we had a BABYSITTER! And we went to Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain – it TRULY was one of the best meals I’ve eaten in NYC. And um, I’ve lived here since 1989, y’all!

We decided to walk a bit, as we’d had about 2 bottles of amazing wine, and wanted some air and walking time. Narda suggested we go to Top Of the Rock. Because we could.  And because we had a babysitter.

it was amazing.  And romantic, and just a perfect night out.  We REALLY needed one.

(Um, secret confession time – I just saw a commercial for Days of Our Lives, that says that Bo and Hope will renew their vows next week – complete with flashbacks to the New Orleans wedding from 1984. I cannot even begin to tell you HOW MUCH I wish we had dvr now! I’m too excited. So um, if anyone can make me a dvd of that episode, I’ll GLADLY make you someting crafty in return!)

6 thoughts on “Top of the Rock. Date Night!

  1. yay for good dates out! and ohmyohmyohmy, i can most definitely DVR DOOL next week. i check in on the show once every few months, and i know who maybe 10% of the characters are! but flashbacks to the 1984 wedding of the year? i’m sooooo there! um, i’m sure hope can help me figure out how to transfer the DVR’d show to a DVD…

  2. Whoa… Bo and Hope are still on Days???? Dang… I haven’t watched them since… *thinking*… 1993 or so… and nothing has changed???? I really liked Billie more than Hope though.

    HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! (I know, I’m a complete stranger… but hey! Birthdays rock!)

    It makes me laugh a little that you talked about living in NYC for almost 20 years, and then used the word “y’all”. I take it you must be originally from the south??? LOL

  3. What a totally sweet picture! Your evening with the wife sounded absolutely delicious. Glad you and Narda could enjoy some special time together.

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