It would have been a perfect evening

If only I could have turned my anxiety off.  This time, however, not about my own health.  But about Malka’s.

At pick up today, one of her teachers, G, said that we really should have Malka checked for Diabetes.  My eyes nearly popped out of my head.  G said that Malka is constantly drinking, and that if she isn’t allowed her water? She complains a GREAT deal.  G also said that Malka pees a lot. And that she’s lost a lot of weight. Granted, this we knew.  But you know, we figured the water consumption was summer related, and the weight loss? Well, you know, she’s a toddler, and she’s losing her baby chub!

So of course, while walking to the subway, I’m googling “signs of diabetes in toddlers,” while calling Narda, and then calling her doctor to get an appointment for Monday.  Sadly, many of the “symptoms” for Type 1 diabetes in children match. The excessive thirst, peeing, and weight loss.  So, of course, I’m freaking out.  I get a hold of her doctor, and ask for an appt. on Monday.  When asked what’s wrong, I mention some “bug bites gone wild” on her legs that I just want checked out, and oh yeah, herpreschoolteacherthinksshehasdiabetes.  So we’re off to see the doctor tomorrow at 9:45am for a blood draw.  Send prayers, ok?

I immediately e-mailed Art Sweet as soon as we got home, and we just spent almost 90 minutes on the phone, wherein I traveled from: “OMG, what if my kid has diabetes?!” to “OK, we can do this, we can.”

I’m still fucking scared, however.  But a little less anxious.

11 thoughts on “It would have been a perfect evening

  1. there are rational reasons for all these symptoms. But IF the tests do come back positive you are the perfect mom to handle it. It’s doable and you will be right on top of it all!

  2. Definitely thinking of you. It is true that you can handle this either way. And for that chance the tests are positive – how important to have moved on it and paid attention immediately. Hugs to all of you.

  3. WOW… that has got to be beyond scary. I’m glad you were able to get an appointment soon so you’ll at least know if she does or doesn’t have it, and find out the next steps… instead of waiting helplessly for a week or two in suspense and panic.

    Prayers, and a *hug*, being sent your way…

  4. As others have said, there are a lot of explanations for those symptoms, but it’s definitely good to get it checked out.

    My brother was a diabetic, and I remember going through the madness of getting him diagnosed, so if you ever want to talk, let me know. He was actually tested a year before his diagnosis, and it came up negative (the eye doctor suggested testing b/c his prescription had changed a great deal), so then when things did start following the other symptoms, we sort of all said, oh, but he was already tested!


    Thinking of you.

  5. Here from Art Sweet’s blog. Praying your daugther doesn’t have diabetes – but if she does you can handle it!

    A good website to check out is Children with Diabetes. It is a VERY active forum. I actually just got back from a conference in Orlando with thousands of the members from 16 countries. There is a lot of support out there!

    Good luck!

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