(or “Baruch Ha’Shem, Thank G-d)

Her Urine was normal, and her glucose was 75.

I told her doctor on the phone: “I LOVE YOU.”  And I couldn’t thank her enough.  She just concluded that she’s a big drinker, and a big pee-er.  I told her how grateful I was, and that I’m glad that we could be one of her good news calls, and she agreed.

I’m going to go have a cry of relief, and take a nap.  Worrying is VERY exhausting work.  And Malka still has about 45-60 minutes left in her for her own nap…

13 thoughts on “B”H

  1. So glad everything is OK. When we went through our freakout last week, the ped basically said it’s a summer thing. They’re out and about and more active, so they eat more, drink more and at the same time get a little leaner. Makes sense, but it’s hard to rely on logic like that when you think something might be wrong.

    Malka and Natalie do seem to team up to freak us out or keep us awake, don’t they? Perhaps it’s a good thing for us that they live 5 hours apart. 😉

  2. Whew… I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that she does not have diabetes… the thought of a child having it so young just broke my heart.

  3. That sounds a lot like me. My mother had me tested several times as a child for diabetes, because I drank a tonne and then peed a lot. One thing I notice now, is that if I drink just 1 glass of apple juice or any other juice, I have to pee about 3-4 times in the following hour…and like, REALLY pee. So that may be similar to Malka’s system 🙂 Either way, it is good to know!

  4. OMG! have been on the road the last few days so just checking in. i’m glad to hear she’s ok, how scary! ryan asked about malka today when her grandma (Mel’s mom) told her how cute the karaoke video was. miss you guys!!

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