Tweets for Today

  • 08:26 speed walking (and twittering) to train station. Feel like I’m in my own olympics! #
  • 08:30 with two minutes to spare! NYC commuter sets new world record, the crowd goes wild!!!! #
  • 14:14 Any Avaya phone system experts out there? #
  • 14:56 @indieconch – heading home now, but can I ping you Monday? I simply need to access the MAIN voicemail; the one that tells you which voicemai #
  • 14:57 and @indieconch a ponytail? no way. #
  • 18:47 @gadgetgrrrl are you sure you’re not Jewish? because, you know, bagel w/ whitefish salad? That’s in the how to manual! 😉 #

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