Almost like winning the lottery!

I’ve never really won anything on line, except that one time, from the fabulous Juggling Frogs, I won an awesome book, that will help guide our gift giving with Malka.

As you all know, I’ve re-discovered the art/love/obsession that is known as quilting. I’ve been REALLY grateful to Amanda Jean and her quilt-alongs, which have REALLY helped me better myself as a quilter. Her directions are SIMPLE, easy, and very thorough. I read her blog, and am constantly amazed at what she can pull off being a SAHM of more than one child! And one of them is a toddler! And apparently, she sleeps, too.

Well, last week, she offered to have a fabric give away. I was one of over 250 commentors, hoping to get some fabric from the faboo Amanda Jean.

And guess what?


Insert happy 😉

Thank you, Amanda Jean, I cannot WAIT to get working on the star quilt-a-long with all of the green fabric I will receive, in addition to some of the green fabric I’ve had to *force* myself to buy.

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