Oh my gawrsh!

Oh my gawrsh!, originally uploaded by shellipsm.

So remember how I mentioned that the FANTABULOUS Amanda Jean chose lil’ ole’ me to win some green fabric, out of 250+ commentors?

Um, I was SO NOT PREPARED for the awesome care package that arrived today! I thought maybe she’d send a fat quarter or two, but this is like 8 fat quarters, AND a yard!

it will go PERFECT with her star quilt-a-long. I can’t wait to start it.  Thank you SO much!

I, um, you know, just have about 1.5 baby quilts left to do first…

3 thoughts on “Oh my gawrsh!

  1. *gasp*

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh… look at the pretty fabrics….

    I’ve decided to make you my hero, since you know how to quilt. :o) I’m just learning… I’ve tried to make some quilted baby bibs, (a pic of one is on my blog), but other than that I haven’t been brave enough to try any big projects.

    Congrats on winning the fabrics, and good luck *gulp* on finishing the “1.5 baby quilts”!!!

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