How many of you hit the snooze alarm, and for how long?

Will share my reasonings in an update after a few informal poll results.  😉

31 thoughts on “Curious…

  1. Quinn almost always is our alarm clock now. Very reliable, that one. Back in the day, though, I had a 9 minute snooze and I’d hit it (“I’d hit that”) maybe 3 times.

  2. I hit the snooze at least once every morning (sometimes twice) and it is set to go off again every 9 minutes.

    Back in my younger days, I would hit the snooze up to 5 times in a morning but with kids to get ready now too, I can’t do that! 🙂

  3. I don’t wake up with an alarm – but when Bill stays at my house he sets an alarm which is on my side of the bed and he always instructs me to hit snooze once. Then, I forget to turn it off after he’s up and it wakes me up one more time.

  4. I always use the snooze alarm. It’s a way of getting an early warning (half an hour to an hour) before having to get up and of being at least vaguely aware of what the time is. I can never go straight from sleep to getting up and being active, for some reason.

  5. hahaha.

    uh. which is to say I usually sleep through it. J wakes me up. (of course, she doesn’t always MEAN to, which is to say, her moving and hitting the snooze will wake me up.)

    In college, I resorted to a regular alarm PLUS the most annoying alarm ever (a singing rooster) that apparently I would also sleep(walk) through, as my sophomore year roommate tells stories of carrying it around the room and me following her around trying to turn it off. I don’t remember any of it.

  6. I hit the snooze alarm twice. My clock only snoozes twice though. I guess it’s supposed to help you to realize that you need to get up. Ask me how many times I’ve just slept right through it. 😦 Time for a new alarm clock I think.

    My husband hits the snooze about 15 times. He has 5 different alarms and one goes off every 3 minutes for 45 minutes before he has to get up. Amazingly most mornings I sleep through it. But when I can’t it is the most annoying thing ever.

  7. My alarm goes off at 6:58 and I smack the snooze HARD. Then I turn on the CNN to make sure the world didn’t end over night and around 7:08 the snooze goes off again. At this point I turn the alarm off and try to watch the previous night’s tivo’d Daily Show 🙂

  8. I ALWAYS hit the snooze alarm. Sometimes I accidentally turn the alarm off instead of hitting snooze. This is always bad. Every morning is different. Sometimes I get up after a snooze or 2. Other mornings it’s many many snooze alarms before I finally give in.

  9. though yes, I agree w/ Beck- my spouse also hits snooze pretty much as many times as he can, and it is the most annoying thing EVER as I cannot sleep through that. Probably the reason why I don’t do the snooze thing.

  10. I hit snooze at least twice, often more. I do have a toddler in bed w/me, but she usually sleeps through the alarm, or goes right back to sleep after I hit snooze.

  11. I always use the snooze. And our new alarm clock has the dangerous ability to hit the snooze bar multiple times in advance — i.e., when the alarm goes off, if I hit the snooze three times in a row, it will snooze for 30! That’s what I did this morning.

    Coincidentally, I was 30 minutes late for work today.

  12. I ALWAYS hit the snooze. I wake up at 6:55AM, shut the cell phone alarm off, go back to sleep… the alarm goes off again at 7:15, and today I even hit snooze again!

    I love my snooze button. *happy sigh*

  13. My 1 year old has replaced the alarm clock. She is not subject to power outages and is pretty consistent. Plus her buzzer sounds like this… “Mooom-eeee” 🙂

  14. If I don’t need to bring the baby to daycare, I can get away with twice and I usually use it. But if it’s a daycare day, not at all. 😦

  15. Nope, I don’t hit the snooze button. I keep the alarm acrossed the room so I have to actually get up and walk all the way acrossed the room to shut it off. Once I am up there is no sense in going back to bed I figure.

  16. No snooze alarm. I set two alarms, five minutes apart. Rarely do I even have to hear the second one–it’s just for the rare occasion I don’t get up right away.

  17. I hit the snooze 2-4 times, depending on the morning. Just started having to wake up early again and I think I’m going to set the alarm earlier so I can get in a few snoozes when school starts (tomorrow).

  18. It honestly varies. I use my cell phone for my alarm clock, and I don’t have a snooze on it. So if there’s to be any snoozing, I have to actually re-set the alarm. So it’ll go off at 5:50, and I’ll reset it for 6:10 (20 minutes).

    Of course, there are days like yesterday, when I turned it off and went back to sleep without resetting it. Hence the whole having to leave for work in negative 10 minutes from when I actually woke up. 😮

  19. I don’t ever hit snooze. But every once in a while after I turn the alarm off, I fall back asleep. Did that just this morning and only barely made it to work on time.

  20. hey!! mel got your message yesterday and we’ve both been super busy with work for almost every waking hour the last few days but ryan has asked if she could call malka many times since. sadly we weren’t clever enough to be the original caller but we told her that malka’s ema called and left a message and she said she wanted to fly on an airplane to see malka. we said we can’t do that right now but you can call her on the phone. she then demanded we do that immediately and life continues to get in the way. we need to hook them up in the next few days though and will make every effort to do so!

  21. My alarm goes off at 5:20, and I hit it twice (10 min each). But this doesn’t happen every morning, like today where I’ve awakened well before the alarm. That means I get to do some blog checkin’. 🙂

    May I suggest your next survey: how many of us set the time to be a few minutes ahead so we’re *inspired* to move a little faster in the morning??? I’m totally guilty of that and have been since 7th grade. Right now the real time is 5:37, but the clock in my bedroom says 5:48. I have no explanation for this bizarro behavior.

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