Onto Situation #2

And much quicker than last time.

The most recent “situation” has decided to parent.  And I said – “That’s great!” to our social worker.  So um, yeah, I guess you could say we’re a bit jaded at this point.  She then piped in with “well, I have another situation for you, but the intake is still being typed up, so I’ll call you.”  And I said: “That’s great!”

I guess we’re just taking this all in stride – letting ourselves get mildly giddy at the prospect, but not devestated when it doesn’t pan out.  My therapist would be proud.

And as someone who doesn’t follow me on twitter pointed out – Um, HOW’S NARDA?  Right.  Sorry.  Well, if you want the nitty-gritty, just pm me, and I’ll fill you in, but suffice it to say, they got a lot of stuff out of there, and she’s slowly recovering, but is also realizing that it wasn’t the miracle cure she was hoping for, as many of the “pre-surgery” symptoms persist.  We should know more in a week’s time, when she goes for a post-op visit.  but in general, she’s doing better.  She brought us all a lovely cold home from the hospital to share with us, and well, germs, what can I say? The gift that keeps on giving…

Now please pardon me while I go blow my nose.

3 thoughts on “Onto Situation #2

  1. man, how you guys don’t get whiplash going through this…Well it just shows how beautifully strong & amazing you both are. Putting much energy out into the Universe to take care of you.

    (& extra hugs to Narda)

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