Dear Malka,

Today, you were driving me totally batshit crazy, and had two time outs, one of which was on the streets of NYC, where a few folks (CLEARLY those without children!) gave me “the look,” and then again at home, simply because you threw one ginormous fit in your refusal to simply taste something (it was a dinosaur shaped potato and broccoli bite, for the record), and I’m fine with you not wanting to try something.  Really, I understand that some toddlers will eat only 5 things, and you are one of them, but I will not allow you to scream “no!” at me, and then whine and cry in response to a request to eat one half of one half of a fork full of something new.  So off to time out #2 we went.

You were pretty cool after your time out, and even ate that half of a half of a fork full, and it took EVERY fiber of my being NOT to laugh at the face of torture you made as you chewed that one bite, and then asked for water.  I lovingly gave you your Annie’s Mac and Cheese, and as a treat after dinner, you had two prunes.  (thank goodness you love prunes and all fruit!).  We then had fun going to your room to put on your “jammies,” I carried you upside down, behind my back, which you just could not get enough of.  Alas, my back could only do so much however.

Did I mention that, on the subway, OUT OF THE BLUE, you said: “Hey Eemah, guess what?!” And I said, “What, Cheeky?” and you said: “ILOVEYOU!”  I completely melted right there, in that moment, and covered you with kisses, and you said: “HUG!” And I gave you the biggest hug ever.

But the whole reason that I’m writing this entry, my dear, sweet, willful child, is to tell you that from this day forward, you will never know a world “before today.” November 5th, 2008, you woke up to a President Elect of the United Stated that has the same color skin as you do.  The fact that one of your namesakes, Velma, your mommy’s mommy, z”l, was not allowed to vote until 1964, because of the color of her skin, will not be a part of your experience.  We will tell you of “the days when blacks could not vote,” and you will say, “but Eemah, Barack Obama was our 44th President!”  And your mommy and I will hold back a tear.  We did not hold back tears last night, as we wept tears of joy with the rest of the world.

Sadly, there are people in this world, alas, who do not think that our family deserves legal protection or equal rights.  We’re working on that, and G-d willing, you’ll only know a world where we celebrate differences, instead of act afraid of them.



4 thoughts on “Dear Malka,

  1. This is so cool. I wrote Malka’s secret twin a letter too, and will stick it in his baby book with the photo of us at the polls and the portrait of Barack Obama he drew up at daycare on Tuesday!

  2. so looking forward to the shift of power, it can’t start soon enough! totally depressed about ALL of the propositions however. we’re so confused and saddened by all of the hate. hopefully the supreme court will step in like they’ve done in the past for ALL minorities rather than allowing the majority to vote for our rights. what an oxymoron!

    glad to hear malka is testing her boundaries. it’s a relief to hear that ryan isn’t an anomaly ; )

  3. That is a wonderful letter. I am excited about the changes to come, and I hope that the next four years bring progress on the issues directly impacting you and so many others as well.

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