Will You Join In Our Brigade? Who Will be Strong And Stand With Me?

Please find your place at this link to join a NATIONWIDE protest against the passing of Prop 8 hate.

Malka and I will be there, proudly representing our family.

Will you lend your voice?

2 thoughts on “Will You Join In Our Brigade? Who Will be Strong And Stand With Me?

  1. we will definitely be with you guys in front of the Capitol Building, but in Atlanta ; )

    so sad that we can’t be there to celebrate Malka’s birthday with you guys. ryan asked if Malka would be at her birthday party in 2 weekends to help her blow out her candles. it made my eyes tear up. anyway, email me your home address when you have a minute please…

  2. Hi Shelli!!!!!

    Haven’t been to your blog in a while, happy to see that you all are doing good and that Malka is happy and healthy! (Last time I was here was during the diabetes scare…)

    Hey, I’m doing a series on my blog about the gay marriage debate and since you are asking who will lend their voice… I wanted to let you know that I’m inviting you to use your voice on my blog! I’ve invited people to be guest bloggers… I would love to have you join in if you’d like, and I’d be especially happy to hear about how active you are in your faith. Most people assume that being a lesbian and a person of faith are mutually exclusive… I think it’s really interesting that you’ve combined them! If you know anyone else that would like to be a guest blogger, send them my way too! Most people who read my blog are straight housewives who are either anti-gay marriage or undecided… I’m having to really work to balance the posts! But I really would like them to see that gay couples wanting to be married do not have horns or fangs… lol they are just two people in love, wanting the same things that straight couples do.

    Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to stop by your blog more often and read… life’s been crazy lately, but it’s finally starting to simmer down a little!

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