The Big Three

In less than a week’s time, G-d willing, spit, spit, knock wood, keynahora, Malka will be three years old.

Holy Shit!

I have a big blog post brewing in my head, and one of those Dooce, nee, Cecily, nee, all of y’all “Dear Malka” letters brewing, but for now, I’m dealing with grandpa coming into town today, a house to clean, a computer nightmare at work, (which has slowed down my productivity enormously), wondering when next we will hear from our adoption agency, a million party favor bags stuffed, prepping for TWO, yes, TWO Birthday parties – one at our house, and one at school (a whole entire comedic entry on its own, trust me), and Narda’s crazy work schedule at the end of the sememster which has basically rendered me a single mom, even though I get to see my love at the end of the day.

So we’re tired in this house, and the coffee? She’s a flowing.  I promise a genuine post soon, but in the mean time, I will share that the potty training thing? Um, it’s kind of working.  But don’t clap too loudly, I don’t want to jinx it.  She’ll go when we tell her, and she holds it really well, some mornings she wakes up dry, others not, but she’s a trooper, and now we just have to work on getting her to TELL US when she has to go.  She is interested in the whole underwear thing, but we think it feels funny to her, so she’ll “try them on,” and then take them off and ask for a pull up.  It’s FINE by us, as we though the kid would NEVER know how to use a toilet, so all in the time it’s meant to be, I guess.

5 thoughts on “The Big Three

  1. You know, I never thought of that, underwear MUST feel funny to someone used to wearing a diaper. And, that reminds me of my first bra which was pretty much a torture device. SO ITCHY!

  2. Ooo – I don’t miss that whole potty training thing. LO was potty trained when we met her at 2 and then she regressed – she wore diapers for another year after that. I put pull-ups on her at night so I wouldn’t have to clean up the bed (yes I am THAT lazy). One morning I was snuggling with her and I heard her going to the bathroom – she only went because she knew she had a pull-up on. Once I traded those at night for panties, she was dry every morning. Perhaps Malka is at the same stage (at least I’m hoping for you gals!)

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