de-lurk, de-lurk, wherever you are!

Um, dude, I totally owe you some posts, instead of cute pictures of my kid reading to the cat.  I KNOW THIS.  I’m sorry.  It’s been a busy time, and I have some serious shit to vent about – I’m nervous and excited, and ANNOYED AS ALL FUCKALL that our lovely cherub, who is just THREE YEARS OLD, MIND YOU, will be having her “school intereviews” this month.  I mean, seriously? Now granted, they’re just playdates, but if I recall, at three? My parents went to the school they liked, said, “Hey, you  got room, our kid is cute!” and they said, “Sure!  Check’s due on the first of the month.”  end of story.  But NOOOOOO, not in NYC, where the public schools, with teh exception of about 5, all suck, and if you want your kid to have a decent education, you need to send them to private school.  I get this.

Oh wait, this is a de-lurking post.

Vent will come, I PROMISE.

In the interim, pull up a glass of wine, sit back, and say howdy.  No really.  Leave your web address, and I’ll swing on over with my glass of wine, too.  Right after I finish Malka’s quilt, for her big!  girl!  bed!  And the dishes, and the homemade chicken soup, because as luck would have it, we’re ALL getting sick.

And for anyone whos keeping score, we haven’t heard from our agency in a while.  But that’s OK, we’re still jammin’ on the groove.

30 thoughts on “de-lurk, de-lurk, wherever you are!

  1. Interviews? That sucks so bad. Granted, Malka is so precious and adorable and any school would be blessed to have her but that is too crazy! Hang in there.

  2. I’m embarrassed to say I have been reading you since you first brought Malka home and never commented. But I am delurking as requested. 🙂

  3. I think I may have commented once or twice before, but here I am!!!

    WOW– I can;t believe they interview 3 year olds… What do they ask them? On what basis do they make their choices? CRAZY! Good luck though… I am sure Malka will wow them…

  4. I’m delurking, which I think I did last year too, resolved to comment more often and then promptly didn’t all year. I’ll try again this year. Hello!

  5. Delurking … don’t know how I ran across your blog to begin with, but have been around since before you brought your sweet little girl home. Swing on over to our blog anytime.

  6. I too read your blog and don’t comment. I don’t have my own blog, but quite enjoy hearing about your little girl 🙂

  7. Things like school interviews, and wars, and explosions and contaminated milk make me not want to bring kids into this world. Oy to the vey..

    Anyway come on over and say hello!


  8. not really a lurker either but wanted to drop by to wave. holy $hit is right on interviews for pre-school, WOW!!

    miss you guys… xo

  9. Still here…left for a bit when twitter was oh-so-new-and-cool and I missed complete sentences. 🙂 But alas, I’m back. I subscribe, so I know when you post.

  10. I’m always reading (though haven’t posted much lately). School interviews at three…that is beyond comprehension to me. Guess there might be one or two good things about OK after all – like very good public schools.

  11. Looooooooooove your site… Not sure if I’ve commented before or not, but I just enjoy the heck out of following your escapades here in Whitebread, Ohio (did i call it Armpit the last time I posted?!) Keep up the great work… L’chaim, y’all!

  12. I’m delurking. Been reading your blog since donor days on fertility friend website. We ended up adopting after you did and your blog gave me some encouragement to get through all the “are you good enough” paperwork. Thanks for having it out there.

  13. I have a website/blog but my posting has been void lately so i have shame. It’s just that i am so darn busy!

    I know, everyone has the same story!

    But i’m here…….. reading.

  14. I agree, school interviews are ridiculous, and pre-school – don’t get me started!! Nice to join your world – I look forward to reading through the archives 😉

  15. am i de-lurking if i’ve only visited once? well twice because i found you just as i was going out and decided to revisit when i got home. making my way thru the ivp. ciao for now from a queer jew with kids in the tri-state area.

  16. We have a family interview this week to see if we all fit into the ore-school’s philosophy. Then Simon has a playdate at another school to see if he’s mature enough for their 3’s program that starts in the fall — 8 months from now! He’s 2.5. And we are soooooo lucky to have gotten these opporttunities to be scrutinized — had to get through lotteries for them.
    Swore I would be above this before I had kids.

  17. I haven’t commented in aaaaaages but I still check up on ya’ll. I actually got your adress book updating email in November as I was literally driving back from NYC. Bizarre… 🙂
    Hope all is well with you guys. Malka is so beyond gorgeous. I’ve been sending you good vibes about kiddo two for forever *hugs!*

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