If you want it, here it is….

SO I know I’ve been a lame ass blogger lately, and I’m sorry.  I have about 32 drafts of posts, but never enough time to check them for grammatical errors, or flow.

So I ask you, what do YOU want to know? What burning questions have all 3 of you been dying to have answered?  Because I feel like getting back into the blogging thing.  I feel that writing it all down gives it somewhere to go, you know?

So shoot me some questions/topics, and I’ll do my best.

7 thoughts on “If you want it, here it is….

  1. I am dying to know how life with two children is really going. Is it super tough? Do you find yourself going in too many directions often? Do you wonder how you will handle varying schedules when they are older, now that having two children is a reality and you can better imagine the future? Has Malka displayed any jealousy or has she regressed with any behaviors? Anything you want to talk about as far as life with two kids…I’m all ears.

  2. YAY for getting back to blogging. I seriously MISS you and all of the early gang. I mean I know we have the message board but sometimes it is days or weeks before I can check in there…blog reading is just my favorite.

    um…right, what was I saying?

    I want to hear how N’s health is and how she is feeling about economy & the arts in NYC.

    I want to know what you perceive the differences are in raising a son vs raising a daughter.

    Do you guys watch tv? What are you watching & loving (or hating)?

    Do the kids watch anything?

    Do you think you will ever move to a bigger (another bedroom) apt?

    What’s up with you & your Mama? How are you guys doing. And, you know, stuff around that. (feel free to delete this question if it is too nosy)


  3. I’d also like to hear about how N is going MS-wise. And how you’re finding the age gap that you have, and how adjusting to 2 has been for you.

    I was just thinking the other day how interesting it has been to watch you evolve as a parent.

  4. I’d love to hear some Noah stories, too, in addition to all of the above. Yay for coming back to blogging; you’ve been missed. Sez one of your chronic lurkers.

  5. I just like to read your blog. Well I did years ago, but now you post so rarely! Tell me anything, you’re a great writer. Of course I always love to hear about your kids and your Jewish celebrations, food, etc

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