please consider…

Please consider using alternatives to plastic…

A SEA of plastic.

I’m working on getting some of my hand made snack bags and sandwich wraps up on my etsy site, but until then, please consider buying them from someone else, or buying baggies made from unbleached wax paper.

4 thoughts on “please consider…

  1. such a powerful photo. we use plastic containers to take lunch to work (or wax bags), but I’ve had the plastic ones for years, and replacing them would mean throwing them out, so that was a big relief when it hit me. for Nina, her lunch goes bento-style (i.e. one container) in glass. 🙂 I can’t wait to see more of your snack bags!!

  2. I buy unbleached wax paper in rolls and bags. The bags are great for handing out the treats I make, especially my mini pies. Thanks for reminding people to use these.

  3. It is super hard to find those wax paper bags! I asked at our super-extra-crunchy health food store, and even THEY don’t have them any more. Boo.

  4. ugh, thanks for the reminder. i’ve been trying to bring my own cups and utensils to fast food places but i’ve lapsed lately.

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