Keep your guns…

I’ve been wondering about this whole gun thing. And I’m fine to let you keep your guns. No, I really am. I support gun ownership. By people who have passed a background check, taken a weapons mastery class, and do not have a criminal record. And by gun, I do NOT mean a semi-automatic or full-automatic weapon. There is simply NO need. Whatsoever.

And as far as “arming” people to protect schools, well. When you think about it, from a logical point of view, even IF every school in America had armed officers, there is still that precious “reaction time.” No matter WHO is there, no one is a mind reader. NO MATTER the threat, there are at LEAST a few seconds wasted with: a)removing the gun from its holster, and b)UNlocking the safety mechanism. And if you put that up against a fully automatic, premeditated, adrenaline-pumped person, no one stands a chance at prevention. The only thing that *might* happen? Is that someone could take down the person doing the shooting. But AFTER the fact. Not before. I support police officers. And in my support, I share that they are not mind-readers.

What can help stop a crime BEFORE it starts? I don’t have all of the answers, but I do know that if we take time to listen to cries of help before they escalate, we might be onto something. And all of us who claim the mantle of “Responsible Adult” better start by letting other people be heard. Even if they bug you. Because for every ounce of listening you give, you just may be saving someone else’s life. Because you took a moment to listen. And in doing so, you showed care.

Which is all anyone wants.

To be heard.

So let’s help hear them before they make a big bang, and are heard in a tragic manner.

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