An Al-Chet for 5774 / 2013

On Yom Kippur we discover the healing presence of G-d who relieves us of whatever it is that weighs us down, preventing us from moving forward.
-Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, Ph.D.


My Al Chet for 5774 / 2013

For the sins we have committed:
• Against Mother Nature by hurting the planet that sustains us
• By rationalizing
• By staring at our phones when we should be engaging with people
• By yelling more than necessary
• By not reading enough
• By staying up too late, just to get to the next level
• By “pinning” everything and doing nothing
• By cluttering up our homes
• By not speaking truthfully
• By losing sight of mindfulness
• By making promises we do not intend to keep
• By having an overly-full craft bin of “things to work on later”
• By not practicing self-discipline
• By losing one’s willingness
• By saying unkind words about another
• By not trying to learn more
• By taking the escalator or elevator when one should take the stairs
• By forgetting to see the world though my children’s eyes
• By using the TV with the children when I want to get something done without interruption
• For getting angry at situations that are out of our control
• By not acting when we know we could be of help
• For still having not seen Downtown Abbey…

For all these, G-d of pardon, pardon us, forgive us, help us atone.


What are some of yours?

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