Bad boys, Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do?

So I live in an area of NY that has an elevated train (the “L”) between our apartment and the subway. Sometimes, it’s GREAT – like in a rainstorm, I can walk under the “l” and not get as wet. There is also a police precinct between our house and the subway. More specifically, the 25th Precinct.

Under the L, there are supports to hold the train tracks up, and there is a crosswalk that allows people to cross the street.

unless of course, there is a police car parked there.

and you have a cane and have to walk AROUND THE POLICE CAR INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC to cross the street.

Image hosted by

I have visited “the 2-5” many times to kindly ask them to stop parking in the crosswalk. Since cars can’t walk, they should park in the street….. They’ll pay attention for about 3 days, and then back to the same old, same old. So instead, I thought I’d show you their liscence plate numbers. Enjoy.Image hosted by

oh yeah, and its not like these are civillian cars. OH NO. These are ACTUAL police officers parking IN THE BLOODY CROSSWALK!Image hosted by

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