Terri and Proxys and feeding tubes, oh my…

OK, here’s where I get a little political.

EVERYONE must have a Health Care Proxy – gay or Straight, married or no, you MUST have your wishes made known to all. Therefore, I give you this link. It is for NY only, but you can do a google search of “Health Care Proxy” and your state initials. NY Health Care Proxy Form

IF You are a partnered gay or lesbian person, you MUST include the phrase: ” (NAME OF PARTNER) should be the first person contacted in regards to my health and well being; he/she has first priority in visitation over all other persons.”

Until we can legally marry, we sadly need to tell ER doctors that our partners are indeed allowed to visit us! I’ll post a copy of my proxy for all the world to see shortly, since I don’t want to become Terri Schiavo….

If you go to CNN.com, and follow the links to the “TIMELINE” of the Terri Schiavo case, you’ll see that the courts originally appointed her husbnad her legal guardian. You;ll also see that it was a POTASSIUM IMBALANCE that caused to her collapse and brain damage. The lesson folks – EAT YOUR DAMN BANANAS! Thank you. I am now stepping off of my soap box.

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