OK – so here’s how it all played out:

Yesterday, just 8 short days after we told our Social Worker that we would pass on “April 12th baby,” we get a call that another birth mother had picked us.

And 4 other couples.


Here’s the low down:

Birth mother is 17, white and Catholic; blue eyes, dirty blond hair.
Birth father is 30 (ish) and black; brown eyes and brown hair.

Birth Mom (BM) lives in a group home for pregnant teens and is due June 18th, with a girl.

She smoked pot & Cigarettes all during her pregnancy. We are OK with that, as we know quite a few folks who’s parents imbibed in both, and the kids are just fine. We’re more concerned with alcohol and other drugs, but pot, which doesn’t enter the placenta, is fine by us. We wish she wouldn’t smoke cigs, but hey, we won’t judge.

She’s had a REALLY hard life, and the BF (Birth father) was a bad person, according to the BM, and she’s not naming him on the birth certificate. He has a “rap sheet,” so our agency feels that even if here WERE to “try” and obtain some form of custody, the chances would be slim to none in his favor.

Today marks 101 days “in pool.”


Today we find out that three of the other couples turned down the situation. It is now between us and a single mom.

Narda’s big concern with me is that I’ll want to adopt the BM too.


The only other thing is that the BM (smartly) is choosing interim care for the baby for the first few weeks, to give her the option of changing her mind.

SO hard to hear, but it makes total and complete sense. They don’t think that she’ll choose to parent, but it IS an option.

So say a prayer for a healthy baby and an easy delivery and that she’ll choose to go with an adoption plan, and that she’ll CHOOSE US! ☺

7 thoughts on “latest…

  1. I’m keeping everything I have crossed for you guys.
    She MUST choose you, and one way or another the interim care thing will work out.
    Good luck, and keep us posted — June 18 is just around the corner.

  2. I happened upon your blog by surfing, and just had to comment. How wonderufl and exciting. I do hope the BM will choose you. We’ll be praying for a happy healthy baby delivered with no complications. Good luck!

  3. Good luck, sweeties! I know your nerves are taking such a beating. My nails would be bleeding from being chewed to the nubs myself!

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for all of you, Shelli, Narda, BM and baby!

    Kat is off-kilter on

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