she chose the other family…

and then our SW proceeds to tell us there’s another “situation” a BM chose us and another family – it’s a complicated situation, she’ll call us on Wednesday, to give us a chance to process our feelings.

fuck and wow at the same time.

next situation, the BM is due in August – which SUCKS in terms of child care – but if it’s G-d’s will, we’ll figure it all out.

still kind of sad about this one, however…..

3 thoughts on “damn

  1. Poop. (and stronger words, but I am at school) I’m thinking of you guys….

    Aren’t you entitled to FMLA of some kind for adopting? I can’t remember if I’ve asked before.

  2. thanks – yeah, but I just passed my probation period, so I’d feel awful saying: “thanks for deciding to keep me around, now I have to go away for 12 weeks, JUST as school is starting!” the guilt alone would kill me, so I’m hoping I can swing a 4 day week and 9-4pm days or something.

    But time will tell, for sure.

    Thanks for your response!

  3. Awe crap… I’m round for hugs and chats and support if you ladies need it. I’m sorry that adoption is proving to be a roller coaster as well. When do we get to get off this crazy ride anyway?

    Sending you and the misses lots of love.

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