round 3- we’ll pass…

we have yet to graduate to a non-complicated situation.

here’s the latest, and its a doozy.

BM picked 5 families, 4 others have already passed, so we’re the automatic family if we want this situation; and I’m not sure we do.

22 year old BM, Puerto Rican and Italian; BF 35 year ol, Italian and Black (OK, georgeous, for sure!)

BM already has a 2 year old child, and has been heavily addicted to prescription drugs. all apparnatly, till about 3 years ago when she conceived her son.

The BM claims that she only drank on weekends up until she conceived. and the amount she drank was intense – about 13-15 drinks a night! (It had to be bud light or something, as that’s about all that you could drink a lot of and still remember telling you how much)

OUR SW thinks she might be a bit of an exagerator on some things, but there’s no way to tell.

she was sexually abused when she was a small child, which sent her into a depresison, and she started seeing a therapist at a young age, and was then prescribed prozac. She’s been on various drugs of the sort all her life, and as a teenager, mixed them with alcohol. She was reported to have bi-polar disorder, as well.

The birthfather was abusive to her, once leaving her in the hospital, and they both live a little too close to us for any safe feeling of “distance”.

She’s been on ecstasy, prozac, welbutrin, sleeping pills, clonophin, percoset, xanax, you name it. She smokes cigarettes and pot (which as you know don’t bother us too much, but mixed in with everything else, it’s too much)

we have no guarantee that things are OK with her now, even though she’s reported that she’s clean.

It’s so sad. this kid could be OK, but it’s such a risk, and we are passing. there’s actually SO much more to this situation, but that’s the BASIC gist of it all, we were on the phone with our social worker for over an hour with this one….

but we just called her back and passed on it.

another sad day.

3 thoughts on “round 3- we’ll pass…

  1. wish i had some words of wisdom to share but it sounds like the situation wasn’t quite right – and with the closeness not allowing for distance… Sounds to me like you made the right choice. I’m sure it’s hard though…

    martha (

  2. Damn it… I’m hoping for you both that a clearer and better situation will come your way soon.

    One more loop on the roller coaster. ((hug))

  3. You guys are good a getting picked, but even better at making the best, and the hardest, decisions.

    I can’t imagine how hard this must be. I wish the best for you and Narda and hope the right situation comes soon.

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