um, ok, I’ve been tagged

ther’es some new game of tag going aorund the internet, and I’ve been taggd twice, so I not only have to come up with my 6 favorite songs, BUT I have to link to them, AND tag 6 more folks to do the same.

OK – here goes nothin…


1) Praise you, by Fat Boy Slim

2) Copacabana by the master, Barry Manilow

3) Yoya – click on #16 – Israeli song

4) Bach’s Concerto #5 for Harpisichord

5) Come on Eileen – A GREAT song for the treadmill!

6) ANYTHING by They Might be Giants!

OK, and now for the tagging…

ok – sorry for the blog-version of chain mail, my dears, but here ya go.

1) House of Miao

2) In Bed with a Mosquito

3) Infertility SUX

4) Two Mommies

5) Lorrie Berg

6)The doodlebug chronicles

ok ladies, forgive me – I’m just doing my part…

5 thoughts on “um, ok, I’ve been tagged

  1. LOVE the list, Shel. I thought seriously about one of the Bach baroques, but ended up going in a different direction.

    Thanks for playing along! 🙂

  2. wow.. that’s gonna be hard to find them to link to.. I can have a few days since my MIL is in town, right?

    martha (mosquito)

  3. Sorry for tagging you — I’m the culprit! Am very new to the tagging and linking and blogging and didn’t notice Jen already named you. Loved the lists, but sorry for the duplicate Shelli and Jen!

  4. TMBG is my all time favorite band! Have you seen the documentary Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns)? I thought it was really incredible. It filmed pre-9/11 and I was very weary that the documentary was going to cover this subject, but the documentary footage ended on the night of 9/10/2001. The cast of people who speak about the Johns is mind boggling.

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